Crocodile Roof Shield WaterProofing Grey 20kg


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Acrylic លាបការពារជំរាប់ទឹក ទប់ទល់កំដៅ សំរាប់ដំបូលផ្ទះយ៉រដែលទ្រេត

Crocodile Roof Shield

  • ទប់ទលនឹងកំដៅបានជាង 50-80%
  • អាចរីកមាឌរួមមាឌបានជាង 500% បិទស្នាមប្រេះបាន 2 មម.
  • សំរាប់យ៉រ វេរ៉ង់ដា ដំពូលជញ្ជាំងរឺផ្ទៃដែលទ្រេតឈាងបង្ហូរចេញបាន យ៉ាងល្អ(ទឹកមិនដក់)
  • បិទភ្ជឹបស្នាមប្រេះតូចៗលើផ្ទៃជញ្ជាំង អាចលាបពណ៍ពីលើបាន
  • ប្រើជាប់បានគ្រប់ផ្ទៃ ដូចជា ការោះូ Metal Sheet និង បេតុង
  • អាបន្ថែមសំណាញ់ហ្វៃបឺរ៍សំរាប់ផ្ទៃដែលមានភាពញ័ររញ្ជួយធម្មតា(មធ្យម)

បរិមាណការប្រើ : 1.2 គ.ក/ម៉ែត្រការ៉េ លាប 2 ដង
ចំណុះ : 1 គក. 4 គក. 20 គក.
ពណ៍ : ស ប្រផេះ


Type Roof Shield Water Proofing
Color Grey
Standard EN 1348, JIS R3106
Product Color white, gray
Packing Size 1 kg / 4 kg / 20 kg

How to use

Crocodile roof shield waterproofing material Ready-to-use acrylic type For waterproofing the roof, roof or wall when dry, it looks like a thin rubber sheet Prevent water permeability High flexibility With special ingredients that help to reflect heat (Total Solar Reflective: TSR) 50-80%, reduce heat accumulation into the building Making the temperature drop better than general acrylic 2-6 ° C, suitable for waterproofing wide areas and joints, small cracks (<1.5 mm) Surface preparation

  • The surface that needs to be waterproofed must be clean, free from dust, cement, oil and other foreign matter.
  • If the surface has cracks Should repair the cracks first By using the appropriate repair material Fill the groove area Against the wall with a sealant
  • Should let the surface dry for at least 3 hours after cleaning
  • New concrete floor or wall Should be at least 28 days before work
  • On the new plaster surface Should be at least 7 days before work
  • Moisture content must be completely dry before work.


  1. Should stir the crocodile roof together before use
  2. If the surface is rough, porous, should use a crocodile roof, water mix 5–10%, apply to the first foundation.
  3. Use a brush or roller to apply the alligator roof to 2 rounds.
  4. After applying the first round, let it dry for 4 hours before applying the 2nd cycle.
  5. In case of needing to strengthen with fiber To lay the fiber mesh between the first and second floors While the first floor is not dry Recommended to apply the second layer Once more To allow the film to cover the fiber mesh completely
  6. After finished Should protect the surface for at least 48 hours

Utilization rate 1.2 kg / sq.m. / 2 trips (thickness of about 0.2-0.4 mm). Apply foundation about 0.6 kg / sq.m (10% water mix). Use restrictions

  • Roofs or decks should be sloped to prevent water leakage.
  • Do not use in areas that are constantly immersed in water. Or there is water seeping from the bottom surface


  • Should not work in the sun Hot surface The optimum temperature is 10-35 ° C.
  • Wash the tool with water after every use.
  • Should be kept out of the reach of children


  • Should be stored in a dry place And the temperature is not too high as it may cause the product to deteriorate
  • The product life is 1 year from the date of production in an unopened condition.
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