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Crocodile Flex 2K is a 2 components cement based product. Flex
2K is a coating with flexible and waterproofing. It can
adheres to practically surface such as concrete, mortar
plasters, bricks, concrete blocks pre-fabricated panels, etc.

Flexible Waterproofing Cement (2 components)

• High adhesion strength
• Covering of pin holes and small cracks
• Can cover with tiling
• Powerful water pressure resistance

• Waterproofing and protection a water retaining structures, such as reservoirs, water mains and swimming pools
• Tile fixing and waterproofing of bathrooms, Kitchens and other wet room in hotels, hospitals, offices, and residential buildings
• Waterproofing of terraces and balconies under the pavement
• Internal and external waterproofing and protection of new and old buildings, facades against dampness, rain


Type Crocodile Flex 2K Water Proofing
Color Grey
Size 18 Kg, 5 Lit
Standard ASTM C121, ASTM C952, ASTM D412
Product Color gray
Packing size 1 set of 23 kg (18 kg mortar / 5 liter solution)

How to use

Super Shield Crocodile is a cement based crystallization. Contains components of cement, fine sand and chemicals For use in waterproofing systems in concrete work, easy to use, just mix water and apply on concrete Chemical ingredients act to penetrate into the concrete surface and form into crystals. Can not allow water to penetrate through the concrete surface And has anti-corrosion properties of concrete surfaces from chemicals and acids

Surface preparation

  • Clean the concrete surface to be free from dust, cement, oil and other foreign matter.
  • In the case of the surface of concrete that has a shiny, polished or covered surface There must be a scrub to open the surface of the concrete to be porous.
  • If the surface has cracks Should repair the cracks first By using the appropriate repair material
  • Wet the water on the surface and allow it to dry before applying the Super Shield.


Super Shield Crocodile 2.5 kg per 1 liter of water

2 parts super crocodile, 1 part water by volume


  • The superchild crocodile is poured into the mixed water according to the ratio specified by spinning with a low speed drill of about 150 rpm (150 rpm). Mix well.
  • After mixing, should be used up within 20-30 minutes when the mixture starts to harden. Do not add water and reuse it. Should be discarded and then mixed again
  • During use should be stirred periodically.


  • Use the Super Shield Crocodile Brush on the surface prepared by applying 2 rounds.
  • In the second round, after drying for the first 15 – 30 minutes and apply in the direction perpendicular to the first round.
  • After applying Should be left to dry for 24 hours

Sprinkling pattern (for reworked areas for polishing)

  • When pouring concrete Wait until the concrete begins to form and there is bleeding on the concrete surface. To sweep away the greasy water
  • Use the super-crocodile to sprinkle the whole area. Then polished with a polishing or polishing machine with a trowel

The use of 
1-1.5 kg / m 2/2 times
a sprinkling of
2-3 kg / m² and

use restrictions. 
Do not use dry areas. Should be wet with water, the product will react with moisture.


  • The product is a mixture of Portland cement. And other additive mixtures Should use various safety equipment such as gloves, dustproof glasses, etc.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse your eyes with clean water several times immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Should be kept out of the reach of children


  • Should be kept in the shade Which has good ventilation
  • The product life is 1 year from the date of production in the unopened condition. (If not used, the bag must be tightly sealed every time)
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