Crocodile Acrylic Bondcrete 20L


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Admix Cure


yellowish brown


200 liters

How to use

Crocodile Acrylic Bondcrete is a 100% acrylic latex used as a high strength admixture and bonding agent for portland cement mortar and concrete. It provides excellent resistance to impact abrasion, moisture, and attack by acids or other water soluble chemicals.

Product features
Improved cement hydration and bonding properties
Resistance to impact, moisture, and chemicals
High flexural strength and bond strength.

Remove all loose, unsound, or contaminated concrete from area to be repaired. Roughen concrete surface. Pre-wet concrete and allow surface to dry before applying Crocodile Acrylic Boncrete.

Use as an Admixture
Crocodile Acrylic Bondcrete can be used for patching applications. Mix Crocodile Acrylic Bondcrete 1 liter with water 2 liters and portland cement 5 kg and sand 13 kg.

Use as a Bonding agent
For Slurry Bond Coat: Mix Crocodile Acrylic Bondcrete 1 part with portland cement 1.5 parts is suggested to provide a creamy thick bonding slurry. Apply by brush or broom.
For Neat Bond Coat: Apply by brush or roller on the concrete. Wait until the bonding film is clear and dry to the touch before applying mortar or concrete.
Crocodile Acrylic Boncrete requires damp curing followed by drying in order to achieve full physical properties.

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