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សម្រាប់អាងហែលទឹក ស្បា និងសូណា

Crocodile Platinum

  • ទ្រទំងន់ និងសំពាធទឹក សីតុណ្ហភាព ជាប់ខ្លាំង
  • ធន់នឹងសារធាតុគីមីដែលប្រើក្នុងអាងហែលទឹក
  • ស្ងួតលឿនបើកកន្លែងប្រើបានលឿនបញ្ជូលទឹកក្នុងអាងបានក្នុងរយៈពេល1ថ្ងៃ
  • កាត់បន្ថយការកើតស្នឹមរឺស្នាមផ្កាអំបិល ដោយ WCAC Technology ទប់ស្កាត់ស្នាមប្រឡាក់កប់ជ្រៅដោយសារធាតុ Hydrophobic

ចន្លោះរ៉ង : 2-15 ម.ម
ស្ដង់ដាអាមេរិច : ANSI A 118.6(sanded)
ចំណុះ : 2 គ.ក, 20 គ.ក


Type Platinum Tile Grout
American standard ANSI A 118.6 (Sanded)
ANSI A 118.7 (Sanded)
Product color 9 shades
Weight 20 Kg, 5Kg

How to use

Crocodile sealant, platinum  grout, sand-type grout, special formula, effective additive and special color Reduce the occurrence of white stains in one place with WCAC Technology. The surface of the grout is strong, not dusty, durable Suitable for swimming pools, spas, saunas, areas that require high durability and grout work outside the building. Safe for health Instructions for use  The grout width must not exceed 2-15 mm. The groove depth should not be less than 2/3 of the tile thickness. The grout must be after 48 hours or after the curing adhesive cement is complete. Surface preparation Clean the grout grooves to be free from dust, dirt, debris, and prevent water from getting trapped before grout. Mixture ratio 1 kg grout per 0.23 liter of water or 4 grout glue per 1 part water by volume Mixing

  • Pour the grout glue into the water. While turning the mixer around low or stirring well
  • The grout should be used within 20 minutes.
  • When the adhesive grout is thick because it is left too long Or use too long Do not add water to make it liquid. Should be discarded and mixed again


  1. Use a rubber screed trowel that is well blended to fill the groove. By making a oblique angle and groove to prevent the rubber trowel from pulling the grout out of the groove Use the trowel to scrape off the surface of the tile as much as possible.
  2. Leave until the grout glue begins to incubate. So use a cloth or sponge moistened with water and twisted Wipe thoroughly Then use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the tile again

Curing and grouting for the first 72 hours should use sticky paper. (Brown paper used to make bags or wrappers) to help seal the glue gradually curing and help prevent dust or other dirt Stick to the surface of the grout that has not dried Do not use plastic or newspaper paper instead of sticky paper.  Cleaning

  • If necessary, use diluted acids or crocodile cleaners to clean the grout grooves. But should test in a small area first
  • The use of polishing or removing stains should be done after the curing glue is completely cured. Which must not be less than 30 days and should be tested in a small area first

Control of water in the swimming pool to be appropriate.

  • The pH value is normal. Controlling the pH of the water in the pool is at pH 7.2-7.8 (pH> 7 is alkaline, pH <7 is acidic). Will affect corrosion, grout and cement glue
  • Sulfate values ​​in the pool must not exceed 250 ppm if more than specified. Will affect corrosion, grout and cement glue
  • Chlorine is usually controlled at 1.0-2.0 ppm. Adding chlorine to the pool to inhibit the growth of Bacteria and moss Mostly mistakenly believe that chlorine will cause the grout or glue to peel off. Which is true The amount of chlorine can erode the grout or the adhesive. At a level that is dangerous to users of the pool severely
  • Controlling the amount of calcium in water or Calcium hardness is usually at 200-250 ppm. In the case of a lower quantity, calcium is extracted from the sealant. Can cause the adhesive to erode the grout if there is too much Will cause white stains on the tiles or along the grout grooves And can cause corrosion to pump water


  • Cement may cause skin irritation. Should use various safety equipment such as gloves, dust masks, goggles
  • In case of eye contact, rinse the eyes with clean water several times immediately. And consult a doctor
  • If being exposed or exposed to the skin Use clean water and soap.
  • Should be kept out of the reach of children

Storage should be kept in the shade. Which has good ventilation The area must be dry, not damp because it causes the product to not deteriorate. Product life is 1 year from the date of manufacture. In unopened condition (If not used, the bag must be tightly sealed every time)

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