House Activated Carbon Block (ACB) Water Filter


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  • Brand Stiebel Eltron
  • Water Filter Housing
  • Reduce bad tastes and odor of inlet water for better tap water
  • Reduce allergy to the skin and body caused by chlorine and its harmful compounds (trihalomethanes)
  • Better for skin, body and smoothen hair while showering
  • Reduces chlorines, VOCs, TTHMS for a healthier fresh water usage
  • Reduces partly bacteria and partly heavy metal in fresh water (SGS test report)
  • Usable for various fresh water sources such as metropolitan water, city, rain or ground water supplies via village or town pump
  • Safe material and durable housing
  • Easy to install and cartridge changing
  • Able to install both indoor and outdoor, both as Point of Entry and Point of Use



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