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MEX PURIFINA Air Purifier Model P401

Increase the efficiency of air purification higher Comes with a suction power that covers up to 48 square meters of air purification area, allowing you to experience more clean air.

  • Designed to circulate air throughout the room With an air intake system around the machine and fresh air is released through the upper grille designed to circulate air fully throughout the room
  • 360 ° Triple All-in-one Filter (Pre-filter + H13 HEPA + Activated Carbon) Superior filtration level with HEPA filter H13 standardized fine filter capable of filtering PM 2.5 and particles as small as 0.3 microns. Efficiency 99.97%
  • AQI Display PM 2.5 display indicates air quality Increase confidence in fresh air in the room
  • The air quality indicator has up to 4 colors to show the dust level.
    • Very good – green
    • Good- blue
    • Medium – yellow
    • Bad – red
  • Operation with touch screen Easy and convenient to use
  • Suitable area size 28 – 48 square meters
  • Air generation rate 235 CFM (ft3 / m)
  • Purity: CADR 400 CMH (m3 / h)
  • HEPA Filter    H13
  • Filtration efficiency PM 2.5 99.97%.
Features 3 layers of air filter
  1. Pre-Filter to filter coarse dust, large particles, hair, wool
  2. H13 HEPA filters fine particles, pollen, cigarette smoke, PM 2.5, fine particles 0.3 microns 99.97%.
  3. Activated Carbon Odor adsorption system with activated carbon powder, volatile substances, toxic chemicals and gases.

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Black, Cream, Red, Blue, Pink

Technical Data

Product information

Power 30 watts
Voltage level AC220V / 50Hz
Noise level 33 – 64 decibels
Product weight 6.5 kg
White body color
1 year product warranty
Product standard CE, ROHS
Product size (Depth x width x height) 318x318x600 mm
Package size (D x W x H) 376x391x653 mm.

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