Silver Exposed Bath & Shower Mixer


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American Standard faucet (A-2765-720). has the following innovations

Water Saving

  • Saving faucets are above industry standards.

Ceramic Disc Cartridge

  • Ceramic valve guarantees no water leakage throughout the lifetime.

Equipment “faucet”

Faucets are the most important piece of furniture in the home, with different designs and prices. From a few tens of baht to a hundred thousand baht. In addition, each faucet of each room is not the same. The faucet is a device that every home must have. Which will benefit in The usage varies. In general, there are 6 types of taps according to usage:.
1. Single tap, commonly used, such as car washing, watering plants.
2. Taps for wash basins. There are 3 types: single tap, single hole mixer faucet. And center mixer taps.
3. Sync taps for kitchen sinks. Or by the bar counter Available to choose from Only cold water And the type used for both hot and cold water.
4. Shower faucet and faucet used with the bathtub consists of a shower, a valve, which is divided into 2 types, namely, shower hose. The faucet will rotate around In order not to bend the shower hose.
5. Faucets paid
6. Flush valve is a faucet used in conjunction with the toilet and the urinal is a faucet that works almost semi-automatically. When opening the water by opening the flush valve. The water will automatically stop flowing.
* Faucet for the bathtub. And wash basin It is recommended that the faucet type with the internal valve be ceramic valve. Because it can be used for a long time. And most importantly can open And can close the water completely
* If having a large budget And want to use both hot and cold water faucets should choose a single mixing ceramic valve. That helps to control the water temperature as needed quickly. And not waste water
* General features Of quality
faucet 1. Brass faucet Good corrosion resistance.
2. Chrome coated surface. It has a glossy, resistant to chemicals and scratches.
3. Rubber and rubber ring in the tap. Must be of high quality Resistant to use, not leaking easily.
4. Shower heads Must be rotated around In order not to bend the hose of the shower.
5. A good faucet has a closed-open system. For water saving in the body


Brand American Standard
Type Bathtub Mixer
Color Silver

Technical Data

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